World Cup 2014

Sunday 13 July 2014
Final Tournament


# Team
1 Germany
2 Argentina

World Cup 2014 Recap

The World Cup is an event which occurs every 4 years. It is celebrated by people all over the world because soccer, or futbol, is highly popular. The 2014 World Cup was more festive than past tournaments. This was due in large part to the host country, Brazil. Brazil is a country which is steeped in soccer tradition. Each child starts playing the sport from a young age, and they grow up idolising members of Brazil’s national team. However, the host country’s team would eventually fall, as its best player, Neymar, was carted off of the field with a broken back. This story was only a small part of the wildly successful tournament.

Perhaps the most shocking game of the tournament took place between Spain, the reigning World cup champion, and Holland. After Spain opened the game with a goal to go up by a score of 1-0, Holland proceeded to dominate the match. Holland’s attacking style was too much for Spain. Some people argued that Spain was tired from winning a previous tournament. All fans watched in amazement as Holland beat Spain by a final score of 5-1. Fans felt humiliated, and many of them called for the immediate ouster of the national team’s coach. The game’s signature moment came from Holland’s Robin Van Persie, who shot a diving header for the score.

The World Cup final was a hotly contested affair between Germany and Argentina. As the final game progressed, shots came from both sides, but they either sailed wide of the target, or each team’s goal keeper made great saves. The defensive stalemate finally ended when attacker Mario Goetze corralled a pass, and one-timed it with a brilliant shot into the back of the net. The goal put Germany up 1-0, and they would go on to win by that score. Many people saw the Argentinian defeat as a huge failure, mostly due to Lionel Messi’s absence from the offence.

Lionel Messi is one of the most famous soccer players in all of the world. He and Christiano Ronaldo consistently vie for the title of best player. However, Messi was noticeably nuetralised during the 2014 World Cup final. His blazing speed and nifty footwork did not materialise in time for Argentina to steal the victory. A few of his shots on goal sailed just wide of the net. Interestingly, some people criticised Messi for being lazy on defence. They felt as if he should show more effort during the transition phases of the game, tickets were rare and only a few outlets were available to purchase these highly sought afterfootball tickets. Messi certainly did not live up to his billing as the best player during the final game of the tournament.

Brazil did a great job hosting the World Cup. The festivities and lively atmosphere made it great fun for all who traveled to witness it. A major drawback to the tournament, however, was the stifling heat. Record heat and humidity required several games to be stopped for periodic water breaks. Fans also suffered in the blazing sun as they watched the matches. Most will confirm that it was well worth it.