World Cup 2014

Sunday 13 July 2014
Final Tournament


# Team
1 Germany
2 Argentina

Past Famous World Cup Results

It is hard to argue with the fact that the World Cup is the most important international sporting event. Some countries declare holidays to allow for employees to get off of work just to watch the games. There are schools which close early or remain closed on days when the host country plays in the tournament. This was certainly the case in Brazil, as the entire nation paid attention to whether or not the national team would advance in the tournament. While the 2014 World Cup was full of drama, it did not feature the most dramatic moments in history. Past World Cup results are often discussed to this day.

In 1986, the world witnessed one of the most shocking games in World Cup history. The game was played between Argentina and England. The most popular player of the time, Diego Maradona, was wreaking havoc on the English defence with his speed and agility. However, he consistently struggled to score. This changed in the 51st minute, when Maradona appeared to head the ball past England’s goal keeper. Upon further review, fans and announcers saw that he had actually punched the ball into the net, but this was hidden by his head. The goal should not have been allowed, and it turned out to be the deciding factor in England’s ouster from the 1986 World Cup.

The 1998 World Cup was a sight to behold as well. France and Brazil made it to the final game, in a matchup of epic proportions. France was also the host country during this tournament, and many people felt that there was immense pressure to perform. The shock of the game was not the way France played, but the way in which Brazil superstar Ronaldo played was excluded from the match. Controversy swirled around the real reason for his absence, but the reason given to fans and the press was that he suffered an ankle injury in the previous game versus Holland. Brazil was the team that was favoured to win before his injury, but they eventually fell to France in the game.

In 1994, the World Cup was held in the U.S., and the final game was one that featured two fierce rivals; Brazil and Italy. These two teams have been involved in some of the most memorable matches in recent years, mainly due to the fact that both teams feature some of the world’s best players. In the 1994 final, the game ended at a 0-0 tie during regulation. This led to one of the most exciting events in sports, penalty shots. Brazil ended up getting the best of Italy through skilfully placed shots throughout the penalty time.

World Cup results remain ingrained in the memories of the most passionate fans. The teams unite countries as they come together to experience national pride. Other sports throughout the world aspire to become as popular as international soccer. The World Cup is one of the most respected events, and it will only continue to grow in popularity.