World Cup 2014

Sunday 13 July 2014
Final Tournament


# Team
1 Germany
2 Argentina

What You Should Know About FIFA

FIFA, which stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association, is one of the most recognised sports organisations in the world. The responsibilities of FIFA include tournament staging, solving player issues, team penalties, and the ability to have a final say over games and other rulings. While FIFA is widely respected, it is also vilified by current and former players. Some people accuse the organisation of favouritism and unfair rulings. Others believe that many of their actions stem from corrupt employees. Here are some additional facts that you should know about FIFA.

The way in which FIFA handles player suspensions has come under fire in recent years. Some players and fans accuse them of playing favourites in order to earn more money. One thing that seems to happen frequently, is that lesser-known soccer players tend to receive higher fines or longer suspensions for infractions. A prime example is Luis Suarez. Suarez plays for the Uruguay national team, and he was caught biting an opponent on the shoulder during the 2014 World Cup. Amazingly, this was not the first time he was caught biting someone. FIFA eventually kicked him out of the tournament, but they were widely criticised for not doing something about it during his earlier infractions.

Although some may disagree, it should be stated that FIFA does a great job with managing tournaments and where they will be played. All international tournaments are decided by FIFA. Government leaders usually petition FIFA for permission to host World Cup events, and other major soccer events. This includes the Women’s World cup as well, as it is just as popular as the men’s tournament. There is steep competition to host the World Cup, mainly due to the fact that the tournament generates millions of dollars for the host country.

One of the reasons why countries accuse FIFA of being dishonest and corrupt, is vote buying. Recently, FIFA has been accused of improper voting methods for the next two major tournaments. Qatar and Russia have both been awarded the World Cup, and many people all over the world do not understand why other countries were quickly disregarded. The ways in which FIFA listens to bids and conducts voting is highly scrutinised. Perhaps the main reason for this, is that FIFA often does an inadequate job of responding to the criticism.

Aside from perceived corruption and unfair practices, FIFA is widely regarded as an important influence over international treatment of players and fans. The organisation has cracked down on recent racist actions at soccer matches. PSA’s and commercials denouncing racism have been played to encourage acceptance of all people in soccer. FIFA has addressed fan safety by cracking down on hooligans and other fans who try to start trouble. In addition to fan and player decisions, FIFA decided to implement goal line technology to determine whether or not a goal should be valid during a match. Many people love this decision because it helps the referees to make the right decisions.